Nepa Intenational was founded in Jan 2002, mainly trading of IT Products of Hardware and software. It is associated with electronics related field, such as prestigious brands Apacer, Avision, Canon, Dell, Acer,   Epson, Dlink, MSI, Prolink, Optoma and more. The main motive of Nepa International is to help to fulfill the customer’s desired aspiration by bringing the modern technology.

We do import product all range of Apacer such as USB HDD, SSD, m.2 sata, Pen drive, Ram Memories, Memory cards, Bluetooth speakers, mobile accessories from Apacer Technology Inc., Taiwan and the range of flatbed, Sheetfed both A4 an A3 Scanners of Avision from Taiwan and China.

Nepa International’s specialties are its specialized marketing operations and guaranteed after-sales, repair and maintenance support.

Nepa International’s well-furnished showrooms and office facilities are located in one of major commercial centers in Kathmandu. It has a well-equipped workshop to carry out after-sales, repair and maintenance services by core team of well trained persons from parent company and experienced technicians who are capable of handling all types of electronic equipment failures.


In today’s world of rapidly evolving technology sector, the development and manufacture of electronic appliances for home as well as office is a leading industry in the world. This scenario has led to the high-tech modern appliances both for personal and official use.  Nepa International’s mission is continuously strived to create new standards in bringing the latest technology into our market through channel partner as well as customer directly.


It is a company fully based on Sales and Service of IT Products. Its aim is to help sorting out the needs and provide powerful and provided economical solutions for the customers.

Our Services:

Nepa International has brought a huge range of service to hold its position as a distinct contribution.

1.Computer and other IT peripherals:

Nepa Int’l has established as a trading house for computers of Branded Computers, Assembled Computers, Notebook, Computer/Laptop Accessories, Copier, Printer, Scanner, Multimedia Projectors, gadgets, All brand toner cartridges, Networking Accessories, CC cameras and many more with warranty.

2.Annual Maintenance Contract:

In order to provide customer with a problem free era with their computer and other IT Peripherals, the company provides AMC Service for different problems related to IT. The customer support section provides you with a timely quality service.


  1. Hardware Repair:

Nepa Int’l has solution for maintain any type of problem of the Computers, Laptop, Printer, Photocopy Machine with its in-house repair center. The company has as a well equipped lab for all kinds of Service. The Company has a stand by faction of trained and experienced technical persons.